Friday, December 17, 2010

Uncle Chris's Loft

It's my last 'unofficial' day at work.  Today has been filled with me emailing all of my clients, running around and feeling a bit sad but very excited.  It's so strange to think that after next Wednesday morning I will be done work for a year.  Next week I'll only work a few hours in the morning Monday through Wednesday to train the new hire.  It will be strange to say the least...

I promised you pictures of the items we purchased for my Uncle Chris' loft.  We went to CasaLife in liberty village and went nuts.  He's a typical man - shop at one store for everything!  I have at least convinced him to look elsewhere for a rug and lighting.  :)  Hopefully I'll be able to help with those purchases before JB arrives. 

We debated about this mirror for behind the sofa, facing the windows or for the front entrance.  Haven't purchased it yet but I think it would look great in the loft.  It comes in various sizes - taller or wider. 

This sofa was purchased. 

As well as this coffee table but in a different size.  We went with a longer skinner version. 

Since my uncle hopes to sell his loft in the next year or two we decided not to put the tv on the wall but attach it to this lovely contraption.  We'll also be able to hide his speakers and iTV within the cupboards because each window comes with either the glass or mesh which looks great and is highly functional. 

The desk and chair were purchased.  We may go back for the table lamp because I love it's sleek masculine design. 

We bought two of these mirrors.  Love them!

Next week will be much easier to post.  I will have the afternoons to catch up on all the blogs I love and miss and to research my own posts.  We'll also have the baby's room almost complete.  The chair and glider have arrived.  Woo hoo!!  Now we wait for baby JB to arrive in 4 weeks.  :)

Have a great weekend.  xo

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  1. Love all the stuff you guys picked out for the loft!! BTW you look so cute in your burberry rain boots!!


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