Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Check me out...

Hello dear readers!  I'm back from my Christmas holiday in Kingston with the family.  We ate A LOT of sweets, spent as much time with extended family as we could fit in and relaxed.  As much as I love being in Kingston with the fam, I love coming home to Toronto and to our own KING size bed.  With less than two weeks until my due date I'm very tired and not sleeping very well, so comfort is paramount to me.  Our bed is just that.  Love!  :)

Ryan and I are cooking soup and chilli tonight (stocking up on healthy meals to put in the freezer for when baby Jelly Bean arrives).  It will be early to bed for me, which I'm really looking forward to.  Tomorrow, a bit of running around and then it's back to blog writing.  I need to figure out how I'm going to schedule it in when JB arrives.

Any who, enough of my ramblings...  

Yesterday I was featured on the stylish blog Wallpaper.  Check out the post here.  Liz is incredibly sweet.  I love following her blog with all of the stunning design images.  She featured everything from party ideas, what's hot and in fashion with clothing and jewelry to rooms that are to die for.  You should definitely check her out.

Have a great one! xo


  1. Thanks again for participating!! :)

  2. Saw your post - you looked gorgeous in the photo. Need to write down your faves to go shopping + try. I can never find the right makeup so I normally go without. Hope you're feeling good and excited for baby!! xo


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