Thursday, December 9, 2010

Designer Intro - Brian Gluckstein

It's a gorgeous sunny and very cold day in Toronto this morning.  It feels like the middle of January instead of the beginning of December.  Nevertheless it's sunny.  :)  The snow outside our house is getting me excited for a white Christmas.  Can you believe we are 15 days away!!  I need to shop for gifts and bake some cookies. 

Many of my Canadian readers will be very familiar with Brian Gluckstein Designs.  However, for those of you down south and in other parts of the world you need to be introduced to his impeccable style.  Check out this loft designed by Brian and his team. 

The powder room walls are covered with striped wood paneling placed in different directions.  I love the clean design of the sink and base.  Perfectly high-style!  The living room shot features one of my favourite seating arrangements - a comfortable chair and ottoman in front of the fireplace.  It's the perfect spot for reading and relaxing with your favourite cocktail.

Oh my love for this kitchen is immense!  Three full cabinet levels. Amazing!  Not to mention I love the rolling track ladder. 

Love the industrial sink faucet, the pendant lights, huge cooking range and of course the clean lines and simplicity of the cupboards.  This is a masculine kitchen that any women could love.

Be sure to check out his blog here

xo Sarah

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  1. Sarah,

    Just saw this post now. I must have missed it when you wrote it back in December but I wanted to tell you how much I admire Brian Gluckstein's entire team. Brian's not only a brilliant designer but a true gentleman. I'm so glad you decided to feature him and his team on your blog. The photos of the loft that you included are actually taken from my parents loft here in Toronto. Everything you see from those photos came from Elte and Ginger's.

    All the best Sarah,



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