Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Depot Headboards - Updated

Everyone says to enjoy the time before the baby arrives because life will be mayhem afterwards.  I just don't get that because my life is crazy busy already!  Maybe this means I won't find it as difficult to manage.  :) 

Any who... it's already 2:40pm on Tuesday.  I've wanted to post all day but haven't gotten around to it until now.  I'm not sure if you remember a post I did a month or so ago on headboards sold on the Home Depot website (not available in-store).  If not, here is the post.  My friend Jane ordered one of the headboards.  It has arrived and looks fantastic. 

I should mention that she has just moved into a new home and has triplets!  There isn't a lot of time for her to decorate let alone make the bed.  :)  I think it looks fabulous.  Great find Jane!  Thanks for sharing this with my readers and me. 

FYI this is the kaki fabric.  It has more of a gold undertone than a green... Just in case you want to order the same. 


  1. That looks so nice! I've been looking for a headboard for my bedroom here at home ( I live in a different city for school) and I think I might have found it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow great timing on the post...i'm looking for an upholstered one for my little girls room! thanks!

  3. the blog looks great Sarah, good work!
    call me, your neices miss their Auntie


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