Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Which Colour will I Choose for...

Our nursery?  That's right folks, I'm just over 13 weeks pregnant!!  Our little one is due January 17th, 2011.  As you may have already guessed, this is my real reason for not posting as much (not the lame ass excuses I gave two weeks ago).  The last few months have been a rough ride for me.  I've experienced everything under the sun - morning sickness, dizziness, exhaustion, digestive issues...etc.  You would be hard pressed to find a symptom I haven't experienced yet. 

I started to feel more like a healthy version of me two weeks ago.  I still get very tired and have a bit of nausea here and there but for the most part I'm feeling more energized and very excited. 

Now that it's out in the open I need to start talking colours.  We are not going to find out the sex of the baby (Ryan's wish) which is making it slightly difficult to narrow down colours.  I don't want the typical green or yellow room.  It's just not my style.  Our house already has way to much yellow on the walls which I'm painting over (well not me but my uncle and Ryan).

I was thinking about something like the Natasha bedding from Serena And Lily.  Do you think it comes across as more girlie or could it be a good start for me?  I like the turquoise and green mix. 

Let me know your opinion.  I'm dying to get started on the room!



  1. Sarah!!!! Congratulations. I am so happy for you two, wow, what great news! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Serena + Lily bedding is great, I love Rikshaw too, go check it out! xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting! I'm glad you are feeling better now though - that must have been an awful first trimester!

    I love the bedding - not too girly or too manly.

  3. Congratulations!! You are in for a wonderful journey. And Capricorn babies are the best (I was born Jan.16).

    Love Serena & Lily. The turquoise and green is such a fresh combination. I think bedding with a mix of patterns - gingham, stripes, polka dots - can help balance any florals and make it gender neutral. Can't wait to see the nursery progress!

  4. congratulations!!! fantastic news...make sure to take it easy now, because madness will come sooner than you think. Like the colour combo.

  5. Congratulations! Glad you are starting to feel better and looking forward to hearing more about the nursery design :)

  6. Hi, I'm Debby and just stumbled across your blog. Congratulations! Is it your first? My son was born in January and we brought him home in a snowstorm ~ it was so nice just to hole up under a blanket and admire our new bundle.

    I think that bedding is beautiful ~ it could go either way, the blue makes it boyish as well.

  7. CONGRATUATIONS!!!! Ack! That is so exciting!!

  8. Congratulations! I just became a grandma; babies are even better this time around, lol!

    All the best,



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