Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wall Vinyls

There is so much to do in the house.  The hallway was painted on Monday/Tuesday.  Pictures will be posted tomorrow.  It looks much better.  I still need to decorate it.  That will be a work in progress. 

The nursery is front and centre in my mind.  I have been browsing Etsy for ideas. So far I really like the idea of using wall vinyls like these ones. 

This is my favourite!  I would use different coloured flowers though.

This would look great in silver! I think it's too harsh in black. 

These are individual cut-outs. 

You can choose any colour and also make a few of them various colours. 

Has anyone used wall vinyls with success?  Please let me know.  They don't seem too costly.  I think it will add a lot to the room. 

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  1. I used a monkey and giraffe decal in our nursery. They're so easy to use, cheap, and can be changed when you tire of them.

    I LOVE the decals from this etsy store: They're resuable and have a sweet vintage quality about them.


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