Friday, July 23, 2010

Essentials for the next week!

It's finally Friday!  I made it through my first full week (5 days) of work in over 3 weeks.  Hard going!  (I know... I can hear the laughter but for a pregnant lady who is incredibly tired it was tough!)

I'm on vacation (AGAIN) as of right now.  I'm headed to the cottage for a week long rest with my sister and dad.  Ryan is joining for a few days.  I have tonight and tomorrow morning to get everything in order.  Luckily I have the best husband in the world who started laundry on his morning off and cleaned the house. :)  Ladies are you jealous?

Essentials list:
  1. Beach towel - almost impossible to find this time of year.
  2. Bathing suit - still need to pick up black bottoms as I had to shop for a new top since my older ones don't fit right now.
  3. Gummy Bears - this is a cottage tradition that my Nana started when we were young.  I must continue it.  (I don't get to drink anymore so this will replace my alcohol consumption.)  :)
  4. Floating device for the lake!  A must for those hours of lying around I plan on doing. 
  5. Bug repellant - hello mosquitos!
  6. Sweatshirt - preferably one of my sisters because wearing her clothes is so much more fun than my own (but will I fit into it is the question because my tummy is growing!)
  7. Charger for my blackberry.  I need to stay connected to the outside world or at least my husband.  No internet at the cottage.
  8. Mocktails - again I can't have alcohol so I need to shake up something special.
  9. Music!  Ipod needs to be updated with summer tunes.  
  10. Plan out meals.  This is my least favourite task!  I'll wait until I'm in Kingston with my sister before doing that.  
  11. Pray the toilet at the cottage is fixed by Sunday morning so we can actually go to the cottage.  Fingers and toes are crossed! 
I"ll be back in one week.  If I get into town I'll try and update.  Have a great week!! 

p.s. I noticed I just passed 50 followers.  That made my day!! Thank you to all of you who care about what I write about.  It's so much fun!! 

p.p.s I'm writing really fast so if there are spelling errors - oh well! 


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