Friday, July 2, 2010

Tasty Marinade

Morning folks!  I hope my fellow Canadians enjoyed yesterday.  Ryan and I spent a lovely day together.  We had a picnic in Belfountain, ate ice cream, toured the little town and conservation park and then had dinner with his parents.  I love when we get the same day off.  It's so rare which makes it all the more special.  :)

Today I'm off to Kingston.  Ryan is staying back here.  Before I leave I wanted to give you my mom's marinade recipe.  I'm sure it can be used on many most meats.  We also use it on peppers before we BBQ them.  It's simple and delicious!!  Try it out on pork tenderloin (our fav!).  I promise you will thank me.

2tbsp Soy Sauce
1tbsp Maple Syrup
1tbsp Rice Vinegar
2tsp Mild Curried Past (or any curried past since mine was not mild it worked fine)
2tsp Dark Sesame Oil

Soak the meat for as long as you want. We usually do a few hours and it's perfect!  Enjoy!!

I can't leave without providing a pretty picture (again!) so I thought I would share this outdoor living space.  Isn't it perfect!  I love the white arches, the armless chairs that look like I could sink into them, the palm trees galore and a fabulous striped outdoor rug to tie it together.  I could definitely have mojitos or two on this patio.
Southern Living

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