Monday, February 14, 2011

A Room Full of Passion

Red, the colour of passion.  This kitchen certainly makes me think the home owner is serious about cooking and is a very passionate person.  It's stunning.  Definitely an head-turner.  I love the double height cabinets, the chandelier and row of windows.  This is definitely an inspiration to my future dream kitchen.

So, I'm back to the blog world.  I have a few posts planned for this week.  As mentioned previously, my goal is 3x a week.  Thomas is 6 weeks old today and keeping us VERY busy or should I say me very busy as he sometimes wants to feed on the hour.  We love our time with him and are absolutely amazed at his growth!!  I'll post a picture later.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  xo

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  1. Gorgeous kitchen! Glad to hear everything is well with your little family :)


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