Friday, February 18, 2011

Thomas Update

Here is Thomas making friends with his stuffed animal.  We've named him Cooper Jr after my parents chocolate Lab Cooper.  

The picture quality is crap but I think Thomas looks so adorable in his duck onesie.

Thomas will be 7 weeks on Monday.  He's growing so quickly!  The time is flying by too quickly!  I'm trying to take in every moment with him (minus then ones where he's crying).  I don't want to forget anything about our time together.  I feel so blessed to be a mom and to have Thomas in my life.  Right now he's sitting in his MommaRoo chair listening to waves crash, enjoying a little motion called the Kangaroo (his favourite) and watching mom blog.  I'm grateful for the moment he's given me.

Have a wonderful long weekend!  I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday.  xo

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