Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feature Walls

We went home to Kingston this past weekend.  It was Thomas' first trip.  He did really well.  Slept the entire trip there and back with one stop on the way there for a feeding.  I don't blame him for that since we were in the car for 5 hours!!!  Not ideal but it was a quick two and a half hours trip back to the city on Sunday night.  

I'll post pictures later this week.  Right now I want to tackle the 'feature wall'.  I'm only a fan if it's done properly.  What I mean by this is please do not ever make one wall a totally different colour than the other three walls in the room.  It needs to blend it.  Essentially, the background of the feature wall should be the same or similar colour to the other three walls.  This way it doesn't look so out of place.  That's just my opinion though... you can do what you like.  

This first room doesn't do it for me.  I love the idea but think they would have nailed it if the feature wall colour was flipped around - gold lines and cream background.  

This one is perfect.  The background colour is similar to the other three walls with the image being a different colour.  Love it.

This is another great example.

This is a recent room from Candice Olsen's Tell All show on W network.  She has two feature walls which I think work because they act as art.
Candice Olson

This one has to be the worst!!  I absolutely hate the feature wall.  It's completely different than the other walls.  This is a how-not-to-do.

All images via Decorpad

What are your thoughts?  Do you like a feature wall or hate them?  

x Sarah


  1. I think that it depends on the house and the room. I don't think I've ever seen a feature wall that I've liked in a traditionally styled home. But in a home with more modern aesthetics, I think that even a different coloured wall can work if the colour is integrated into the rest of the room through the drapes, throw pillows etc. I think that it is this integration that helps the walls in the Candice Olsen room "work".

  2. I think a feature wall has to 'go' with the rest of the room, while still being a feature. I love the first 3 rooms because the walls tie into the overall colour scheme of the room they're in. I've never been a big fan of that room from Candice Olsen; not sure why but it just never did it for me. And an absolute no to the last one haha that wallpaper is not good!

  3. In the first photo, the armoire is quite dark and heavy. The designer likely used a bolder print on the feature wall to balance the heaviness of the armoire.


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