Friday, November 5, 2010

A Vision of Lime Green & Blue

Good morning!  I could not be happier that it's Friday.  My weeks are going by fast but they are packed full and the to-do list keeps growing.  Hopefully I'll get a lot completed this weekend.  On my list of things to do - purchase/order crib mattress, glider, and rug; meet my uncle to go over the sofa, rug and lighting selections for his loft; sketch the horizontal lines on the nursery wall (painting will wait until next week most likely!); purchase white lamp shade for nursery lamp; sand down nursery closet door (it won't shut); dismantle current useless shelf in the same closet to prepare for a paint job and new metal shelves fit for kids.  Some of this will obviously be done by Ryan.  Thanks lovie!  :)

Sunday is my first baby shower hosted by my sister-in-law Aaren and my mother-in-law.  I'm so excited and grateful to both of them for organizing it. 

The weather is cold, grey and wet today in Toronto.  I think this is a great room to inspire us.  I can't get enough of tufted sofas like this one.  I especially love the colour!  The other furniture is kept neutral to balance the sofa colour.  You can barely see the back of the shelves but what you do see reveals the same soft lime green as the sofa.  Symmetry is key to balancing a room. 

I have a very busy work day ahead and then we're dining at my Aunt Karen's place.  I can't wait to see it set up because the last time we were there was move in day.  Have a great weekend folks!  xo

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