Monday, November 8, 2010

Fresh Start - Home Depot Surprise

I know I'm hours late in posting.  It's just been one of those Mondays.  The weekend was great!  Very busy.  I did manage to purchase the nursery items off my list but nothing else was completed. 

A friend of mine (Jane) introduced me to her latest find - Home Depot headboards!  Check it out.  They looks gorgeous online.  The only down side is you cannot look at the fabric selection in person BUT if you don't like the finished product it's fully returnable!  :)  The price doesn't get much better either $279 - $519 for a king. 

Tomorrow I'll update you on the nursery.  Have a great evening! xo


  1. Wow - great find! Will you update if you come into contact with anyone who has purchased one?

  2. I will definitely post pics and reviews on the headboard that Jane has purchased (first one). It should be delivered this weekend.


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