Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to do???

Hi dear readers. Are you still there? If so, I apologize for the lack of posts due to a serious lack of inspiration. The last month has been intense for us! There is a lot going on at work and personally. I also need to confess that with the move and all the expenses of it decorating my house seems like a daunting and expensive task. I feel like there is just so much to do but I haven't had the energy to get started. And where do I get started? Which room do I focus on? At this point I'm not sure it's just one room since I need to furnish more than just one room. I also don't want to disappoint you. I feel like there is a big expectation of me. I know I can put together a beautiful room I'm just not sure it will be as fast as everyone might hope (including me).  I also need to watch how much money I spend on items.  It's adding up very quickly!  I think I might have put this pressure on myself.  I have spent the last year pouring over magazines, researching designers and reading many wonderful blogs on design.  Each of them has given me so many ideas.  Ideas that would cost a lot of money!  I have stopped looking online over the last month in order to get back in my own head and budget.  :)  Sometimes the inspiring photos on blogs and magazines cause too many high expectations.  It's the same when you look at skinny air-brushed models on magazines and actors on TV and the big screen.  Most of the time it's unobtainable.  We need to find an element that we like and make it ours.  Easier said than done. 

At the moment, I'm trying to find various pieces for the house and pick out paint. I've made progress in purchasing a dresser for our master. I opted against purchasing the matching bedside tables at this point. I think the room will look too cramped for this and I like the look of different pieces speaking to one another in a room. It adds character. No idea when I'll find the right bedside tables but it will happen in time. We have also hired a painter to coat the hallway, stairway and upstairs hallway in a beautiful BM colour that I have yet to pick out. Haha! My lunch hour will be spent at the paint store today.

Here is the dresser. It's from GH Johnson. The floor model is completely beat up. Don't judge it's scratches because I'll be getting a fresh one. :)

I rambled on... If you're still reading, bless you! xo


  1. I hear ya, decorating can be overwhelming. Take your time. I read somewhere it takes homeowners an average of 7 years to get settled in a home. So you got plenty of time. Do stuff one month, then give your self a month off (good for the sanity & the wallet). Take the pressure off and enjoy the summer..virtual decorate instead. that's what I have been doing to keep happy and sane.

  2. Don't feel bad Sarah. I think its quite normal to feel like you do after all the prep and moving. I feel sort of the same way. It seems alot harder to empty the boxes and place everything in the new space. Much of the furniture we had looked great in our old space but looks shabby or just does not fit here in the new condo. I've spent much of our budget on a new couch and loveseat which have yet to be delivered and an Ikea closet system for our son's room. It's frustrating to be "half way" when I want it to be a page from Style at Home now!!! :-) Love the dresser, and don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the process.

  3. Sarah, I can totally relate. In my first few months of blogging, and watching what everyone else was doing, I lost the love I have always had for my home. I thought to blog, I should have what everyone else was doing. I was so wrong, and have fallen back in love with my house and my style. Nobody can dress up a whole home on a short time frame, and we all get that. I want to see your $5 finds as much as your big purchases :) xx


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