Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pictures of Our New House

Yesterday ended up being a rough day for me.  I didn't feel well.  All better today! :)  So without further adieu here are a few shots of our new house.  We haven't done a thing except for move in and clean.  I'm shopping for furniture today.  Wish me luck!

I love the kitchen!  Can you believe that even with all this cupboard space I still don't have enough!  Our china is still in the boxes and we don't have room for the wine glasses (more specifically they don't fit in any of the cupboards and in order to adjust the shelves we have to take the doors off! Major pain in the butt!).  We HATE the glow stick light fixture.  I'm trying to find a stainless steel range hood that won't cost us a fortune.

The blinds are faux bamboo.  HIDEOUS!!! They will be replaced with drapes at some point.  I've mapped out a table on the floor with tape.

This is the view from the dining area of the kitchen.  The living room is the most complicated room.  The only set up that works is putting a sofa in front of the window and placing two chairs across from it.  The ottoman will not be staying.  I'll purchase a square or very large round ottoman or coffee table.

This is the view from the hallway.  Do you like what I did with the place? HAHA!  Thank goodness for fold up Canadian Tire chairs.  Otherwise we would be sitting on the floor or sharing the chair I still need to recover.

This is the ugly hallway.  It's full of stuff and is the worst shade of yellow.  I don't know what the last owners were thinking!

I was thinking of painting the risers white.  What do you think?  My real estate agent thinks it's better to leave it.

Ah, our master suite with the king size bed.  We LOVE!  Lot's of decorating to do and purchasing of furniture but we'll get there slowly.

And finally the linen closet.  I love this closet!  In our rental everything was kept in boxes or bins.

I'm on holiday this week.  Today I plan on heading downtown for a little furniture shopping (or a lot) and then I have a pedicure.  Life is good!  Have a great day!



  1. Your house is lovely - so full of light! And that linen closet is to die for.

  2. Ok. I LOVE it! You must be so excited! Your floors in the bedroom are amazing, the kitchen gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see what furniture your putting in the living room, although the camping chairs rock ;)
    have fun shopping! xo

  3. It is so bright! I love it!

    Question - where did you get the little table next to the fireplace? I found one like that on Urban Outfitters and also on Target websites, but none ship to Canada. Help! :-)

    PS I think you should go with the dark grey for your bedroom :-)

  4. ooh...your creative juices must be flowing...congrats on your new house and can't wait to read your updates ...

  5. your house is awesome! i can see little touches of your decorating so far and I like. can't wait to see the finished product!


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