Monday, June 21, 2010

Grey or Gray?

What's the difference between grey and gray?  I've read that 'grey' has more of a yellow undertone and 'gray' has more of a pink undertone.  The difference could just be British vs. American.  I'm not sure.  Either way, it's the colour I'm planning on using in our bedroom to cozy it up.  The room is large.  The largest bedroom I've ever had! :)

I'm loving these rooms.  Especially grey paired with gold!  Hopefully we'll test colours on the wall soon.  The room that needs to be painted the most though is the kitchen.  The colour is horrible!  One step at a time, right?

All images from Decorpad

I'm back to work today.  It was a very busy day.  Luckily my accounts are very active at the moment.  Fingers crossed that this will turn into sales! :)  


  1. I always thought it was a language thing - like Americans say "gray" and Canadians/Brits say Grey. No clue if that is even the right way. haha

  2. WOOOOW!!!2nd and 3rd images are soo Amazing Beds! So Well-decorated,looks elegant and inviting, the bed is definitely obsession-worthy!All images are Fabulous!really inspiring!thanks.

  3. I don't really care how we say or spell it-I love grey!! When we bought our condo I thought I could live with the red accent wall in the main living space but couldn't stand it after a few days. I just painted it 2137-40 Benjamin Moore Desert Twilight. It's gorgeous! Next month I'll have our master bedroom painted a lighter shade of it,2137-50 Sea Haze.


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