Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miele S2 Launch Event

I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the very exclusive launch of Miele's S2 Vacuum launch at Royal Conservatory. Dr. Markus Miele himself was there to introduce the product. I briefly chatted with him before his speech. He is a very quiet and reserved man on a mission to offer consumers high quality products. He's very involved in the design, power and function. Miele (pronounce it like there is an 'a' a the end - rhymes with Sheila) has been a family owned business for 111 years. They have always stood for one thing, Immer Besser. Forever Better.

All of their current vacuum models were on display for us to test out. S2 joins a long line of high end vacuums with exceptional suction. The S2 is 19 inches long, and very lightweight, weighing in at just over 12 pounds with all accessories and attachments. It's ideal for rugs, carpets, drapes or hard floors. It's also guaranteed to trap 99.9% of dust particles. How do you like that for clean?! Did I mention the ergonomic handle and that it starts under $400? With those two facts and the S2's light weight make vacuuming much easier for a 5' 2'' girl like me. I love the white one pictured below.

Personally I was in awe of the event! I stood next to so many VIP designers such as Samantha Pynn from HGTV and the House & Home editor Suzanne Dimma and staff. I felt very privileged and very shy all of a sudden. Honestly, for a new home owner this was perfect timing. I can't wait to test out the S2 when it is delivered (they were so kind in offering me one). Thanks Kelly & Miele!

You can find yours at Sears or any Miele store. 

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