Friday, March 26, 2010

Recap on Pottery Barn Price Adjustments

So I thought I would update you on my Pottery Barn splurge from Wednesday.  As promised, I went out for lunch to check out the new prices.  They have reduced the price on mirrors, picture frames, candles, and some furniture.  My cutlery is still $129/place setting vs. $95/place setting US. 

I was looking for frames to go above the black cabinet.  (I know we're moving in two months but whatever I put above it now will go above it in our new place.  And I hate having the space empty!)  I purchased two of the thin metal gallery frames to fit 5"x7" photos.

And four laquered gallery frames in turquoise. 

The cost for all six was ridiculous!!  I'm feeling very guility right now.  I'll post pictures this weekend of them up against the cabinet.  I don't think either of the styes work for me.  I saw a canvas with street names from my area on it at a store around the corner from us.  I'm going to check it out tomorrow afternoon and see if it will work.  I'll probably by it anyways because then it will always remind me of our current home/area of Toronto. 

I was very tempted to buy the decorative coral but for $44/each I thought it was a little (or WAY) too much.  It looks pretty though.  Does anyone know where I could get it for less money??

What have you purchased lately? 


  1. I havent purchased anything for my home in a very long time! Those frames are great. I had no idea they reduced their pricing, maybe I should go over there and BUY something!

  2. I think the decorative coral is beautiful. It is likely a good buy. Let me know if you do source it though.

  3. Hi Sweetie... there's a little something waitiing for you at Moth Design. Come see!! xoxo

  4. Those frames are fabulous, I love frames. You can do so much with them. Anyway, I came by from Erica's post, great blog!


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