Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Powder Room

I'm feeling better today.  Not 100% but on the road to recovery!  Thank goodness!  There are only so many days that I can sit at home and do nothing.  By the time Ryan came home last night I was going stir crazy!  I was so hyper with excitement when I saw him come in the door.  Someone to play with!  :)

So to get our week started (on a Tuesday...) I thought we could visit the powder room to freshen up.  There are so many choices for this little room.  You can take chances in this room like no other room because it's small and doesn't cost a lot to redecorate - unless you use only high-end finishing's...  

Alina Apteker

Ann Sacks Powder Room by Miles Redd

Sarah Richardson




(I've tried posting this three times but everything keeps moving... so don't mind the face that it might not makes sense)

Have a great day!

Monique Lhullier's Powder Room

Lary Laslso


  1. Great post... glad you're doing better and thanks for the lovely comments! xo

  2. ooops forgot to say that my bench is from Homesense! I know you've got to love that! xo

  3. I LOVE Homesense!! Great purchase!

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I am in love with the Sarah Richardson photo! Beautiful and timeless. A design that will last you years is also one that will save you money....not needing to re-do the design every 3 years or sooner.

  5. Hi, came across your blog through Erica.. Love Canadian bloggers :) Glad you are feeling better, what a great collection! xo


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