Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amy Morris Interiors

Good morning my lovely readers! I’m going to be honest today, I haven't been feeling inspired lately. Last week I was writing posts just to be writing and not because I had something worthy to share. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and inspired. Last week was strange for me. I felt disconnected from my work (day job), the blog, designing and from being me. I know that if I don’t exercise and take care of me then I can fall into a slump and a bad mood. That’s completely what happened last week.

Today is different. It has already been a very busy morning at work but I thought I would steal a few minutes to browse the web. (Sometimes I give myself 5 minutes of meaningless online browsing to fulfill my itch and then get back to work…even on a busy day it’s essential.) Today my browsing sparked something in me. I decided to take a quick peak on Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle. Lucky for us they were featuring Amy Morris Interiors in an article. There was something about the article that told me I had to visit her website. Well, didn't I just love every room she has designed! I swear I'm supposed to live in Atlanta! I’m always drawn to the city, its people, shops and homes. Alright, back to Amy. I don't have time to talk much about her work. Today is all about pictures. I hope you enjoy and find as much inspiration from her work as I did for my new house.


I want these trellis pillows for my sofa! 

I'm not usually a fan of dark walls but this room is changing my mind.  I would have no problem setting up shop in this room. 

Perfection!  What else could I say?  I'm drooling over this room.

I had a mint green bedroom when I was young.  I love it in this room but doubt I could ever live in one again.  I love the faux panels on the walls, the art work, ghost chairs and layering in this room. 

I'm thinking of doing something similar to this in my kitchen.  I'm sure it would be wise to invest in slip-covered chairs when planning a family. 

I adore this little nook.  I'm certain I could spend hours sitting here reading with a glass of wine.  It is such a pretty room!

What is it about twin beds?  I love the way they look seperated by a shared night stand.  The green on the walls is the perfect shade!

I'm going to be using blue and white for our master bedroom.  It's time I start organizing my inspiration files.  Love the simplicity of the bed (seen in the mirror).

Love, Love, Love the light fixtures in this bathroom.  The ceiling fixture would normally be seen over a dining table.  I like the way she paired with the simple, clean lines of this white and grey blue washroom.

I adore the way she puts her baby nurseries together. 

All photos via Amy Morris Interiors

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