Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Sparkling Tub

This is where I would like to be heading home to.  Check out the tub in architect Keith Summerour’s personal Meriwether county retreat!  A beautiful soaker tub with sparkle!  If I had one in my bathroom I would sit in it for hours every day.  I might even sit outside it just to admire it.  Ryan might start to think I had a problem if I spent that much time in the bathroom but I wouldn't care.  I would have that tub.  :)

I also want to point out the huge table lamps.  I love the shape of the wooden base and the simple shade.  They're perfect.  I'm dreaming up different types of rooms styles that I would use them in. 

How many more days until the first day of spring?  I'm craving warm weather!  Maybe I'll do a little spring inspiration post this week. 

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