Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How small is too small?

This morning I woke up at 6am to workout.  I gave it a good go and lasted 20 minutes.  My body just couldn't move fast enough to keep up with the video and I finally realized that instead of struggling to get through feeling like crap I would write my blogpost to get ahead start on the day.  To be honest, I'm happy that I got at least 20 minutes excercise and that I'm posting so early! :) 

Today's post is more of a rant. This morning I read The Globe & Mail which featured an article about the construction of 30 Toronto condo rental suites 270 square feet in size.  Each comes with built-in wall beds, tables, chairs and flat screen TVs.  Is that not ridiculously small?  Look around your bedroom; it's probably the same size as the suite.  I can only imagine how much they would be to purchase.  They will be rental suites for $750/month.  It's like buying one room in a house.  We live in one of the largest countries in the world.  Do we really need to start packing us on-top of one another in these small rooms?  Does anyone else feel like they would be closterphobic?  How much smaller can the condo developers go?  I understand that Toronto is a very expensive city to live in and that it's hard to find affordable housing for anyone earning under $35,000 but don't they deserve a bit more space???

On a more positive note; I love the natural looking floors!  

Todays a very busy day.  I'll try to post something a bit more design related later.  For now it's time for me to shower and get pumped for a great day!  Have a great one my dear readers.  


  1. And there's the new gray plank floor! Thanks for showing it!

  2. I'm incredibly impressed that you were even able to drag yourself out of bed that early - kudos!!!


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