Monday, January 25, 2010

Kimberley Seldon

I have watched Kimberly Seldon on Cityline for over 10 years.  Her design is clean, classic and neutral with hits of glamour and a splash of colour here and there.  It's obvious from looking at the rooms below she likes to use plush fabric and a lot of down filled pillows, which might be why I feel here rooms are so inviting.  Kimberly has had a vibrant career as an interior designer, journalist and television personality.  You can find her furniture designs Kimberly Seldon for Brentwood Classic's across Canada.  If she's not designer rooms and furniture then you might be able to find her hosting shopping trips in France and the Niagara region or teaching those like myself who are interested in starting their own design business.  

I find most of her living rooms look like they are meant for a mature couple whose kids have left the nest.  I doubt you would see kids running around with chocolate in many of the rooms below.  There are a few rooms that I would seriously move into if the owners gave me permission, specifically the bathroom, white bedroom and gold and blue bedroom. 

This is my dream bathroom.  I would sit in that tub all day long if I didn't shrivel up like a prune.

This bedroom is my absolute favourite room designed by Kimberly.  It's exactly how I want my future master bedroom to resemble. It's glamorous, fresh and fun! 

Check out the built-in cabinet.  Great use of space and design.  The chandelier is what gives this room it's glamour.  For a simpler look you can always take off a few of the crystals. 

Symmetry makes almost every room complete. 

I love the lines of this chandelier.  It's very unique.  Using a mirror in the dining room is a great idea.  It helps bounce the light around the room.

This would make a very inviting bedroom!!  I find everything in this room irresistible - the chandelier, blinds, the fabric on the bed linens, the headboard, the dark bed skirt and the symmetrical side tables.  I really just want to plop myself on that bed with my laptop and not get up for the entire day.  Maybe it's Toronto's grey, rainy and foggy day that's making me love the gold's and blues of this room so much. 


  1. So glad I found your blog Sarah (via twitter). Art and design blogs are a passion of mine and yours is great. I too love Kimberley's design style and have been a fan of hers since her call in show way back in the day. I'm very proud that she has purchased my art (through Art Interiors here in Toronto). One of my pieces is even on her website. Now I'm going back to read through more of your blog-you have some beautiful eye candy.

  2. It makes me so happy to receive such sweet comments. Thank you for reading! :)

  3. That bathroom is so beautiful! I'd looove to soak in that tub!

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