Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi friends & family!  Another crazy day at work complete.  Ah... Love when I'm busy!!  Keep it coming universe!!  I really believe we get what we deserve.  Everything that happens is meant to happen to teach us a lesson.  Right now, I'm certain my lesson is how to deal with difficult people without stressing too much and losing my mind.  ;-)  I'm up for the challenge.  I know that my clients do not mean to be difficult and that they are just doing their own job.  It's all good.  

p.s. I was talking about my day job clients.  :)

Ok, onto the post.  I've wanted to write about Stacaro for a long time.  They have long been one of my all time favourite Toronto furniture stores.  I can't leave without wanting to purchase something!!  The furniture, accessories and lighting is a mix of contemporary, rustic and old world classics.  Anything from this store would add so much elegance to your home.  It's a must go-to in Toronto.  

I want this chest of drawers.  It would add so much charm and elegance to any room in the house.  I don't actually have room for it in my place now but I will in the future.  Ryan it's on sale for 20% off. :)

I want the armoire below but in the double door style.  It takes my breath away!  

Lighten the walls a bit more for me, add some black and different pillows an this would be my perfect country living room. Love it!! 

I wonder if my boss would let me bring in this desk, chair and accessories into work?   It would be a HUGE improvement from my cubicle.  

Last four photos from Stacaro online

They have a few shops in the Toronto GTA and in Montreal.  Check it out online as well.

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