Monday, August 31, 2009

How to...

If you're not sure how to hang a picture then you're not alone!  Most people will tell you the middle of the picture should be at eye level.  That advice doesn't make any sense if you're a 5' 2" girl living with a 5' 11" man.  What if you are hanging more than one piece?  What if it's more than one picture?  How do you know what size is right for the space?  There are so many points to consider.  Here are a few guidelines to help you out friend.

  1. A good place to start is to hang the artwork 60 to 65 inches from the floor to the centre of the piece. 
  2. Consider the room you are hanging artwork in.  If you are hanging it in a room that is primarily used to stand in (hallway) then you might want to hang it a little higher.  You should also consider the ceiling height in those rooms.  If you are hanging it in a room that is used mostly to sit and relax (office, dining room, family or living room) then you might want to hang it a little lower than recommended starting point.  Have someone else hold the picture in place and sit down to judge the height.   
  3. If the artwork is large and will be hung above a sofa or table then it should sit 6 to 12 inches above.  If you're using smaller sizes then you'll want to hang it higher. 
  4. A grouping of artwork should be thought of as one unit.  The very bottom piece should follow rule #3.  Each piece should be placed close together.  If they are too far apart then it will look random and out of place.
  5. If you want to add interest to a grouping then hang various shapes and sizes.  Just don't go over the top with the size! 
  6. If you are hanging a group of artwork together then consider the theme - black and white photography, floral, landscape, architecture, photos of family & friends (they should either be all colour or all black and white).  Consider the colour of the frames as well as the matting.  To harmonize a large grouping, frame them alike.
  7. Consider the wall you're hanging artwork on.  Narrow walls are perfect for small pieces hung vertically or in a grouping depending on the wall space. 
  8. If you're hanging a grouping then I find it helpful to use paper cutouts of each piece and tape them to the wall.  When you trace the piece on paper be sure to pin-point where the picture hanger is.  I also advise you to use the blue painters tape so you don't rip off the paint or wallpaper. 
  9. Consider the feel of the room.  Do you want to feel excited or calm?  Neutral colours evoke calm thoughts while bright colours are more powerful.  
  10. Don't be afraid to lean artwork on a ledge, shelf or table.  It looks a bit more relaxed and allows you to layer pieces against one another. 

That was a lot to take in... so here are a few rooms to drool over.  ;-)

 Image from Simply Seleta 

Image from Love My Earth 

Image from Elle Decor

Molly Sims Home via Decorpad 

Image via La Dolce Via 

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