Monday, August 24, 2009

Dining in Style

I love a great dinning room!  I dream of what my future dinning room will look like.  Do I go dark and dramatic or light and romantic?  Oval, round, square or rectangular table?  What type of chairs?  Do I want them all the same or do I want to add some character by mixing and matching the chairs?  There are so many options!!

I love how bright and airy this room is.  The table is a beautiful anchor to the room.  The white walls and the icy blue curtains make it feel like you would just float away. This is definitely my dream dinning room!!   

Meg Braff Interiors Inc. 

I love the Louis dining chairs and simple but elegant chandeliere.  I think this dinning room is missing a rug to ground it all.  

Source unknown

Love the colour of this room (need to find out exactly what it is), the mix of a modern chandeliere and classic table and chairs.    

Eric Johnson

This is a very elegant cheerfull dinning room.  

   Kelly Wearstler

I'm in love with round dining tables at the moment.  I love them because they make conversation so much easier.  No one has to sit at the end.  No one is left out of the conversation.  Everyone is an equal.  :)  It's more social! 

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