Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dream job...

Working for Windsor Smith would be a dream job!  She is the leading interior designer in California creating timeless homes.  Her designs are stylish, cozy and unique.  

Here are a few of my favourites...

I love the chest of drawers behind Windsor in this photo and the zebra ottoman!!  The mix of aniques and modern is perfect.        

I cannot get enough of seeing her armoire.  It has been featured on almost every blog I read. The piece reminds me of an old secretary armoire.   

Here is the zebra ottoman again.  Isn't it just breathtaking!?  I'm loving the lines of this chair. 

Cain chairs are all the rage!  If you find inexpensive ones on craig's list then buy'em up!  They can update any table.  

This is what my dream living room looks like.  It's bright and airy grounded with the black grand piano, coffee table and use of rich coloured wood. 

This is also my dream nursery but with one crib, not two!    

Painted floor anyone?  I'm not sure I would do this colour in the city but I could picture this at the cottage.  This is totally something Sarah Richardson would do.  Love! 

All pictures Windsor Smith 

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  1. I love Windsor Smith as well! Welcome to the blog world, and I do photoshop my design boards.


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