Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good to know...

After finally getting caught up on a few of my favourite magazines, blogs and discovering a few new ones I decided to put together a post on what I loved and what I have learned from other bloggers.

Jason at 'These Roving Eyes' has a beautiful blog that must be checked out!  He lives in Toronto (I love reading Canadian blogs) and gave a great tip about an airline out of Buffalo (he said Niagara Falls NY but I assume it's Buffalo airport).  It's called Spirit Air and offers incredibly cheap tickets to Florida among other destinations.  Good to know for next Winter when we go to visit Ryan's parents down south.  :)

Camila over at Effortless Style gives a step by step on how to spray paint furniture.  It's a must read for anyone wanting to do this themselves...aka, me.  I still need to refinish the chair I purchased last summer.  It won't happen until sometime in the spring.

One of my favourite Toronto bloggers is featured on Style at Home's blog.  Congratulations Aubrey & Lindsay!! If you don't follow their blog, then your missing out.  I met Lindsay at a blogger party and discovered she is as sweet in person as she seems to be in her blog writing.

Chatelaine is one of my new favourite magazines.  I think when you become a mom you instantly want and need a subscription to this Canadian essential read.  It has great recipes and tips!  Check it out online if you haven't already.  Check out their online article How to decorate an open space with elegant accents.

I also recently discovered Dabble.  A brand new CANADIAN online magazine devoted to design, travel and food.  What more could a girl ask for in a magazine?  Well, maybe if it delivered chocolate and a glass of wine with every issue.  ;-)

Enjoy these finds!  xo

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  1. Hey Sarah, thanks!
    SO nice!

    (The airport IS in Niagara Falls, NY! For reals!)


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