Friday, March 11, 2011

9 1/2 Weeks!

I can't believe our baby boy is almost 10 weeks old now.  Everyone says it goes by fast but this is ridiculously fast.  I'm trying to record as many moments as possible.  Thank goodness for the iphone4.  I haven't picked up our ordinary camera once because I get great photos with the phone and it's always with me.  Here are a few of our recent moments.  Thomas is laughing a lot now!  He loves when we blow air on his face and make motor sounds.  Seeing him smile melts my heart.

My dad (Grampa Mike) spent some time with us last week/weekend.  Each morning he and Thomas would have a good cuddle and conversation.  Below is one of the best photos of the two of them having a conversation.  You can tell Thomas adores his Grampa!

Last night Thomas slept 9 1/2 hours straight!  I'm hoping for the same thing tonight but won't count on it.    We'll stick with our routine and see what happens.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh he is so precious and I just love the name Thomas- gorgeous!!

  2. Oh Sarah.. he's so darn sweet! 9 1/2 hours.. my 5 year old doesn't sleep that much ;) !! Hope you are keeping well.. let me know if you're thinking any more about S&D :) xoxo


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