Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kelly Green Dining

Two days in a row! Woo Hoo!!!

While reading Isabella & Max I spotted a room by Katie Rosenfeld that sparked an interest.  Her portfolio is full of bright beautiful rooms.  Take a look at this stunning kelly green dining room.  A very talented designer.  I love how fresh the green is against the white paneling, modern chairs and traditional table.

Thomas has his four month check-up and shots at the doctors office today.  Last time they made him sick to his stomach for three days.  I really hope it won't happen again.  I also hope it doesn't effect his sleep.  He slept through the night last night and I would love it to happen again, and again and again!  :)  

Wish us luck!  

Have a great day!!!


  1. Lovely room! I love the fabrics and the wall colour, surprisingly!

  2. Fingers crossed for you! Sleep is such a wonderful thing isn't it?! Hope you are well..send me an email sometime, I'd love to hear about your baby boy! xo

  3. Love the wall colour! Hope everything went well today!


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