Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob Lowe's Santa Barbara House

Hello!  It's been a while.  Thomas, Ryan and I have been enjoying a lot of family time.  I've been keeping busy with two Mommy and baby classes, hanging out with other moms, running the household and just daily life.  Life is great!  I honestly didn't know I would love being home with Thomas as much as I do.  The idea of going back to work Jan '12 is depressing.  I try not to think about negatives and only think positively now.  How could I not?!  I have a loving family, the world's best husband, an adorable little baby boy, wonderful friends.  :)  I'm a happy camper.  

Tonight our friend Megan is sleeping over.  We plan on waking at 4am to watch the Royal wedding.  I'm giddy with excitement!!  Will recap later tomorrow on our scones, tea and wedding party for two.  Right now, I need to share photos of Rob Lowe's house which was featured on Oprah today.  It has also been featured in Architectural Digest.  It's stunning!!  Rob, his wife worked with interior designer David Phoenix.  It's absolutely stunning.  Check it out for yourself.  

All photos above via David Phoenix portfolio

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  1. Oh my! That is just gorgeous!!. Thanks for sharing. Just watching the wedding now. It's 7.30pm in Australia.


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